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June 26th, 2010

Multilingual CMS plugin and GetRecentComments plugin for WordPress

In my WordPress installation I have the Multilingual WordPress by WPML plugin and the GetRecentComments plugin which for my pity are not working right together. The comments plugin shows entries in both languages. So to overcome this, because I want exactly these plugins, I had to modify the get recent comments. I will show you how I did it. But however you can set any other logic there – I have just two languages, so I did it the simplest working way for me. Here it is.

After line 1133 in get-recent-comments.php modify the code as following:
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Embedding YouTube videos in the Prado’s THtmlArea

I had problem in Prado’s THtmlArea with embedding videos not only from YouTube but also from other alternatives. It seems that THtmlArea is coded so that there is no way of allowing just object and embed tags. However you can use Text property and everything is fine. But when you want to use the SafeText property you are in a trouble with embeded videos. So what I did was to extend the THtmlArea component and created my own that goes beyond that limitation. Here it is:
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