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June 22nd, 2010

Integrating phpbb in a website based on CodeIgniter

I have noticed that at the community forums of CodeIgniter there are a lot of questions on integrating phpbb in a code ignited web site. However there is one library posted in the forums – here,  but it didn’t fulfill my needs. Actually the only thing that was usefull for me is the login part, e.g. the constructor. It is pretty much the same so here I should thank Tomaž Muraus for that lead. My additions to it are the rest usefull functions. So I gave it a try and created a very simple library for CodeIgniter that manages remote login, remote user add, remote user edit (password change) and remote user delete. I will post it here and will cut it a little because the current state has some additional programming related to the project I did it for.
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Problems with Prado’s client side onclick event of a TLinkButton

Some time ago  I expirienced a strange and difficult to solve problem using the Prado framework. For those that are not aware this is a PHP framework which is ASP.NET alike – it simulates the workflow process of

So here is the problem: I had a long form full of controls and validators, but for one of the fields I needed to make  a javascript call to the confirm function. The reason was that we needed to ask the user if he/she wants to go ahead and leave a field blank or no. Ok that is fine but when having other fields and validators for them the confirm function should be called after all of them are validated ok on the client side. The onclick javascript event is called before the validation. That’s the problem. How did I solve it? Well  don’t like the solution but it seems to be the only one that I could figure out. Here it is:

  • I put this on the top of tha page as javascript code:

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