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Hard drive lost memory headaches on an old XP machine

Hello, it’s been a long time since my last post. I have been really busy … doing a lot of stuff … so you can expect some new stuff from me right away but please be patient. Now straight to the problem:

I have a old laptop (actually 3 years old Dell Inspiron 1520, well guarantee just dropped :( ) and I had problems with it for the last few months. I have partitioned the 140GB hard drive like C: – 20GB and D: – 120GB. That was decision some time ago so don’t judge me for that please. 6 months ago I noticed I am running low on C so I started trying optimize stuff, actually for that time I did a lot of tweaks like switching off hybernation, moving page file to D, reinstalling programs from C: to D: … and so on. Tried DSKCHK  with no success. Tried defragmenting it – again no success because of the low free space – less than 15%. Yesterday I got really pissed with this and downloaded a piece of software – WinDirStat and started checking where are the biggest files on C: … finally I concluded that I have used actually like 5 GB of memory, have 2 GB free and the rest is missing. Then I thought ok … what is left … system restore problem ?

Noo … I turned it off 6 months ago, it is not that. But then I tried turning it on, lowering the size of system restore, restarting the laptop, turning it of and guess what … 14GB free space. WTF!? For some reason last time when I have turned it off the laptop didn’t restarted normally and these 10GB have been held in the ‘System Volume Information’ folder.

YouTube’s policy for inappropriate content and the embed function

Recently I noticed something in the way YouTube manages the videos flagged as inappropriate by some users. You know such videos you want to watch but you must be logged in. This way you accept and confirm you are older than 18 years. On my facebook profile I had a post with such a video – it is embed of the video as you know. And guess what – everyone can play it. It doesn’t matter it you are logged in or not. Here is the example: Read more

Yet another case for lawer’s opinion on UniCredit Bulbank’s queue

Today I was waiting for around 45 minutes in order to get to the cashier to pay my rent for the apartment.While waiting on the queue I had to be a witness of a conversation between the operator and a customer. They argued on the following situation:
Read more

Happy programmer’s day to all!

Happy programmer’s day to all of us coding all the day and drinking beer. Cheers! Should we count the 128th day of the year for another programmer’s day ? Here in Bulgaria it is not a holiday at all but anyway

+ 1 vote from me!

PayPal and its account optional setting

I had played with PayPal’s integration in a few online stores but never got to this stupid situation. For those that are not aware, the ‘Account Optional Setting’ allows the customers of an online store to pay directly, supplying the credit/debit/prepaid card information. This is really really awesome feature, because creating PayPal account is actually not enough to make a payment. Customers must verify their cards through PayPal which is done by moving through some steps including: Read more

Megalan Ltd. surprises me with own iptv

Hi all, these days a friend of mine told me that Megalan Ltd. have released streams with iptv. Several channels with digital quality and options for subtitles and audio in Bulgarian. Read more

Summer vacation ends

I was on a holiday these days, so I haven’t written anything for some time. I was at Sunny beach for a week, had a great time and relax to the limits. Now back to work :(

I want to share something that came to my mind two days ago. I saw taxi car – station wagon, and from the car got out 6 people excluding the driver! It is really funny to see two fat english or swedish girls getting out from the trunk. I remember the time when I was in Portsmouth for 3 months – they had taxi cars 5 and 6 seated, some of them really cool looking with colored lights inside and good music. Really nice idea and I am wondering is there such a taxi company in Bulgaria- I think no! This is really cool – Have you ever come up with 5 or 6 people looking for a taxi and wondering how to split ? :)

MTel month taxes issues

Today I paid my mobile phone bills and I was surprised with a slightly bigger amount that what I was expecting. So that I tried to find out what is happening. My provider is MTel. So I noticed that Read more

Failure accessing your mail at yahoo?

Today is one of those days I need to have more luck in doing simple stuff like accessing mail account and checking mail at yahoo. Yes, yahoo mail is not working today. Trying accessing it and you get something like:

Sorry, the page you requested was not found.

I am really upset. I was making registation, (an important one, not for me. I never would use yahoo) and couldn’t finish the process because of activation feature through email. I suppose I am not the only one experiencing this. Yesterday it was ok but WTF … That is why I do not use yahoo!

Automated fixed phone line call ?

All of you hate those SMS messages that you recieve when you forgot to pay your bill. The mobile operators usually do that to remind you politely to pay it. Ok that is fine. Read more