About me

Това съм азHello, my name is Georgi Budinov. I am one of those people who avoid talking too much about themselves and poke their nose everywhere. That is why I am so late with the launch of my personal blog. Why I did it? Let’s just say an experiment. Here I’ll share moderate portion of stuff that is in my personal life. So I’ll share with you just my point of view, opinion and knowledge on a wide range of problems in various areas – some of which are politics, economics and especially programming. At the end this is my profession and big part of my life.

I hope this will be useful. If it happens and I fail, at least I hope that you will find a place for recreation, entertainment and tipping. Yes, I will definitely not overdo the topics related to programming. It would be much better if you guide me to some extent what you’d like to read, what you are interested in and what topics to emphasize in my articles or otherwise – how I can be of any help to you.

My motto is “Get the gob done!”. I am following it constantly in my life. I will do it here, too. I will regularly post articles trying to be helpful. I do not give up easily.

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