PostgreSQL and network operators

I am working on a couple of projects that require the use of PostgreSQL and I really like dealing with it. Full of features that are sometimes quite usefull. One of them is the <<= network operator.

is contained within or equals – inet ’192.168.1/24′ <<= inet ’192.168.1/24′

This way one can check if an ip is in the range of a given network. Pretty simple, yeah! But I had the need to query ip address that are not in a specific network range :) . Well there is no opposite operator – at least I couldn’t find one. So what I did is is the following:

SELECT COUNT(*) FROM ips WHERE  CASE WHEN ip <<= inet '192.168.1/24' THEN false ELSE true END

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    • Robin Norris
    • April 2nd, 2013 6:39pm

    I like the <<= operator. Unfortunately, in my environment using it is a little bit more costly than doing a between for the network range. Ex.

    source_addr between and


    source_addr <<=

    Might just be worth it for some queries, just to avoid the typing though. :)

    • simerioscarden
    • December 5th, 2014 6:44am

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  4. But I had the need to query ip address that are not in a specific network range

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