First steps in flashlite development

Recently I started getting to know better the flashlite development. I played around with some examples and got really inspired of what I possible could do. So the first two things I looked at were:

  • the simplest way of creating sis files to be installed for development and testing
  • creating a basic layout template for flashlite applications that can easily manage different screen sizes

There are a lot of desktop applications that can generate sis files, most of them if not all you must buy. Also they need certificates for signing the sis files … I don’t have one, so I need to use the symbiansigned site but the process is a little slow because you have to send your sis file and then they return it back by email already signed just for your IMEI. Nice to know that though I spent a hour to get aware of the whole thing. So this is no suitable for me. Finally I found two online packagers. is one of them. It seems to get the job done but its registration is closed apparently. So I started using the other option – Forum Nokia Online Flash Lite Packager. It is a cool thing, really fast to generate just a sis file ready to test on your mobile device. Cool!

The other thing I looked at was the layout template for my app in the future. I came accross some examples in forum nokia for creating layouts. It is explained very well here in this document – UI Design .

There is another approach however explained here in this link. It is very easy to adopt this template but it has problems with larger screen size and touch screens , for example N97 mini where if you turn the rotation as portrait you get the touch screen’s soft keys that overlap your own buttons so it needs a little more work.

This post is also available in: Bulgarian

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