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July, 2010

Prado and loading modules at runtime

Today I had big problems trying to load modules in Prado from the TPage, not using the application.xml. I had such a requirement for the globalization utility in our web application. So after hours of pain finaly I found the magic lines of code that allow this to happen. I am surprised that there was no entry in the documentation or in the forums :( .

Here is the code:
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Database architecture for multilingual content

Recently I had a discussion at work about database architecture supporting multilingual content again. This is a question that is been asked for so long – How to design the database to enable multilingual content ? Ok here the main goals are two:
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Flash Player 10.1 and wmode bug

A few months ago when Adobe released the beta version of 10.1 flash player I was very happy to see my application working ok with wmode set to opaque. The text inputs were working absolutely fine with just a small problem – if you try selecting characters with the keyboard with shift and arrows or just moving cursor with arrow keys it was selecting/moving two characters as one. This was a little annoying for me and  I thought they will fix that too. As now the official release is out for about a month and more this problem still exists – yes you can enter non-latin characters but this annoying problem is still there. I am talking about using FireFox and as you know this is totally ok with IE ( for my surprise – I didn’t know that until these days). Something else – the wmode bug still exists in Google Chrome !! It is fixed in FF partially, but the situation in Google Chrome is the same as with the former version.

Managing fiscal printer from Datecs by browser

I would like to share my experience wth a task I had to do for a project at work. The project is a web application billing software. So it needed to be able to print fiscal notes, bons or whatever. There were several ways of dealing with this stuff – creating a XPCOMM extension for FireFox, using activeX control (supporting just IE) and the java applet way. I examined Read more

First steps in flashlite development

Recently I started getting to know better the flashlite development. I played around with some examples and got really inspired of what I possible could do. So the first two things I looked at were:
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Say no to bot spammers

I had hard times with all those spam bots the come and post comments on your posts, advertising stuff you do not want. Ok, initially I started to fight them by trashing the comments and adding their ip addresses in my ban list using a htaccess file like this:
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MTel month taxes issues

Today I paid my mobile phone bills and I was surprised with a slightly bigger amount that what I was expecting. So that I tried to find out what is happening. My provider is MTel. So I noticed that Read more