My first blog post in WordPress. Really!

OK. I installed WordPress and this is my first post. Cool. But what to write now? The first thing that comes to my mind is WordPress and my first impressions.

I have to admit here – WordPress is magnificient tool incorporating the work of so many developers. But here is the catch – you cannot trust them all. A lot of plugins. You choose one, download, install and activate. Cool! Until some f**cked plugin you decided to try out messes all you have done upto the moment. So what do you do ? Test it on localhost of course.

Developing on localhost is the preferred way of work for most of the programmers including me. But guess what happened when I tried to go live – it seems that most of the configuration urls for WordPress like base url path and others like specific plugin urls are kept in the database. At first I was a little upset when I realized this. I thought “WTF? What to do now ? I should have gone deeper in the sources before getting the job done ?”, but afterwards I realized that this is not such a trouble. I just dumped the sql structure and data from the localhost server. Opened it in Eclipse, set the right encoding, and used the so so helpful function search and replace. I imported the dump on the live server and forgot about it. Nice! Actually I haven’t searched intensively the web for a better solution as long as this is working for me. Perhaps WordPress has integrated a solution for this? Or any plugin? OK. I couldn’t find any. By the way this is a good idea for developing a new plugin for WordPress. If I have some time I could give it a try. At the end this is the best way to get deeper in a product – start working on it!

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